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Order Preparation

This operation represents real added value, especially when the items already stored in our warehouse are collected and grouped together before being shipped to your customers.


Optimizing this task will allow you not only to increase productivity, but also to improve your quality of service, thus improving the image of the company. 

The picking and packing software we use in conjunction with SAGE ERP allows us to ensure your order is picked quickly and safely. We will immediately and automatically issue all the documents necessary for the shipment (packing list, documents on hazardous materials, EUR1, etc.).

With our Extranet, you can access stocks permanently and securely, and you can remotely monitor the preparation of orders on it

The preparation of your orders can be done according to YOUR needs:  

  • either in full pallets

  • either in the package

  • either by picking by unit

We offer you a personalized and customizable service for your shipments:

Provision of your finished products for your carrier, with the possibility of sending part of the products before the end of complete production, if necessary, for urgent orders.

We can also provide you with shipping solutions via our carriers, if you do not have one. 


Whether regional, national or international

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